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Why we exist
The Reason for The Big House
We know that ...
  • Many young people in Ireland are dealing with difficult issues or circumstances;
  • God loves these young people, cares about what they are going through and wants them to know and experience his love, care and healing in the midst of it, primarily through his people, the Church.
  • Churches and Christian youth organisations are the largest provider of informal youth work in Ireland and most of those involved in providing this work are volunteers; 
  • Youth leaders are often unsure how to respond to young people when they are struggling with difficult issues or circumstances.
Our Purpose

The Big House exists to help young people to know God's love as they encounter Jesus and are cared for by the church, especially when they dealing with difficult issues or circumstances.

This purpose is woven into our vision.
Our Vision of a Big House
Our purpose is embodied in (but not confined to) a vision of a place, a Big House:
The Big House is a place that young people come to, somewhere away from it all and beautiful; somewhere fun, friendly and safe; but it's more than a place...
There are people here, people who are passionate about following Jesus and committed to showing his love to young people. They are welcoming, no matter who you are, what you're going through or what you've done. They treat everyone with respect, love and kindness; they listen, understand and really care. They are open and honest about their experiences and their faith, sharing their struggles and the hope and help they have found in Jesus; there's no pressure to share their beliefs, just an invitation. But there's something more...
God is here, his presence can often be felt, his power can be seen at work, transforming lives and situations. This is in answer to prayer. Prayer is the foundation of the house, it is the practice of all who work here and a cloud of others who regularly pray in their homes and churches for us and the young people who visit us.
We don't have a Big House yet (although we keep listening and looking for God to provide one) so we currently seek to fulfil our purpose through providing camps and weekends in other venues, meeting with young people and their youth groups, and training and supporting their youth leaders.