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The Reason for The Big House
We know that ...
  • Many young people in Ireland are dealing with difficult issues or circumstances;
  • God loves these young people, cares about what they are going through and wants them to know and experience his love, care and healing in the midst of it, primarily through his people, the Church.
  • Churches and Christian youth organisations are the largest provider of informal youth work in Ireland and most of those involved in providing this work are volunteers; 
  • Youth leaders are often unsure how to respond to young people when they are struggling with difficult issues or circumstances.
The reality is therefore that in our churches and youth organisations we will encounter young people dealing with difficult issues or circumstances and when this happens we can fail to show them God's love and care as effectively as we would want to because we don't know how to respond or have inadequate resources to help.
If we are not able to respond well to the difficult issue or situation which is a significant part of a young person’s life, we risk them believing that God has nothing to say about it, doesn’t care about it, or even rejects them because of it.